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This saffron milk article is so informative! I’m curious about the best time to drink saffron milk for improved sleep and skin benefits. Should it be consumed right before bedtime, or is there a recommended time during the day?

Lili London

I’ve always heard about saffron’s incredible properties, but I had no idea it could be so versatile in saffron milk. Can you share some tips on where to purchase high-quality saffron for making this delicious drink?


Saffron milk sounds amazing for its health benefits, especially during menstruation. Can you recommend the ideal frequency to consume it during that time of the month for maximum relief from abdominal pain and cramps?


I’m intrigued by the cancer prevention and treatment aspect of saffron milk. How regularly should one include it in their diet to potentially reap these benefits?


The saffron milk recipe sounds delightful! I’m wondering if there are any dairy-free alternatives for milk that can be used with saffron to retain the health benefits?

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