Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are the exclusive products of Bam city of Iran. This type of date has a significant share of the market. Mazafati date is soft and juicy and has a favorable taste; it is used in various fresh cuisines.  The date is loaded with needed daily energy and is rich in vitamin B, iron, phosphorous, and has a high amount of potassium and vitamin A.

What is Mazafati Dates?

The Mazafati date is one of the most delicious dates in the world, which is cultivated in the desert areas from Kerman to Balochistan of Iran, the cities of Bam (the main origin), Jiroft, Kahnuj, Saravan, Nikshahr, Hajiabad, and Iranshahr, as well as parts of Pakistan. There are more than 26 thousand hectares of Mazafati palm groves in Iran. This beautiful tropical fruit has red-based black leather-like skin and soft sweet flesh. The fruit shape is oval and has a hard seed, like a tiny rugby ball. Its size varies from small to medium and does not exceed 5 cm.

Most people like the wonderful taste, good nectar, and relatively high humidity of this product, and this have brought the export to its maximum level in recent decades. The most common type for consumption on this date is Rotab. That’s why it is also called Rotab Mazafati.

In general, no one can determine an exact history date for the start of the date cultivation, but Mazafati was one of the first fruits that were domesticated and planted by humans, and considering the age of agriculture in the Iranian plateau, the first exploitation of it dates back to 12-15 thousand years ago.

mazafati dates

Shelf life and storage conditions

Mazafati date is a juicy date. It has 14 to 36 percent moisture, so requires special storage conditions. Mazafati date is stored in the refrigerator after harvesting so that it does not spoil and you can consume it for a longer period. The temperature of -5 to 5 degrees celsius is suitable for keeping dates.

Mazafati’s excessive moisture has made it impossible to classify it as a dry fruit. You can store most types of dates at room temperature, but not Mazafati date. It is better to always keep it in the refrigerator and remove it two hours before consumption.

Mazafati dates should be stored in the warehouse, with appropriate conditions and standards of the day, at a temperature that does not cause the dates to rot. The value of dates for the body is determined when it reaches the consumer. If it is kept in proper conditions, dates will not lose their property.

Quality detection

To determine the quality of this fruit, you should pay attention to the amount of juice and size. The higher the amount of date juice, the better dates quality for grade A. The skin should be soft and without breaking. The dates should be sweet not sour or spoiled. The estimated size of this date varies between 2.5 and 4.5 centimeters; In this way, you can easily buy the best one by checking these two features.

Features and nutritional values

In its chemical structure, Mazafati dates are rich source of potassium, it also has high iron and natural sugar suitable for the body. Its nature is warm and most people who have problems with cold and phlegmatic nature can use it as a medicine.

There is a lot of extraordinary energy in this fruit so nutrition experts even consider consuming two to three of it as a substitute for a meal. Muslims consume the most amount of this product in the month of Ramadan when they fast from dawn to dusk. Mazafati Rotab completely compensates for their energy and blood sugar loss.

The seed of this date consists of 7 to 10% of oil and makes up about a tenth of its weight, and it contains moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and a little ash. Its skin is shiny, smooth, and thin, and you can easily separate it from the date flesh. The Rotab is red at first and gradually turns light brown and then dark brown, finally turning into a deep purple and black color. The appearance color of this date is a little lighter in some areas, which is not the reason for the difference in quality, and depends only on weather conditions and maintenance.

Date fruit contains various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, etc. It also has low fat and high fiber and protein, which makes it a healthy snack.

More benefits of Mazafati Dates

Mazafati date and its derivatives, such as juice, syrup, and puree, are excellent sugar substitutes, and including them in the daily diet, due to their concentrated and natural sugar, can be very effective in treating diabetes and blood lipids.

In addition, the effect of Rotab on the treatment of insomnia and lack of sleep has been proven. Also, the ointment prepared from its core helps in the growth of eyelashes in addition to treating swelling of the eyelids.

Experts consider Mazafati dates as the elixir of youth because they have seen the great effect of their long-term consumption on the freshness of the skin and hair.

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Mazafati dates- Kimia dates

Harvesting and major problems

Workers – usually men, traditionally pick dates from palm trees in baskets woven with palm leaves. Other workers – men and women, collect them under the tree, then transport the product in plastic boxes with ventilation holes, by truck or van to cold stores.

The main issue regarding this product, due to its high sensitivity, is maintaining its quality, by keeping it at the right temperature, and proper transportation, which causes high costs. On the other hand, the steps of loading, unloading, and packing must be done with high precision to minimize product waste. You can check our dates packaged here.

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