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Ironed Super Negin Saffron


Ironed Super Negin saffron sets itself apart from Super Negin and Negin saffron by undergoing a distinct processing method. Although Super Negin and Negin saffron are usually sorted and trimmed by hand to get rid of any plant debris that may be yellowish or whitish in color, Ironed Super Negin saffron undergoes an additional processing stage in which the threads are pressed and ironed to eradicate any remaining plant residue and ensure their straightness.

Ironing Super Negin saffron provides it with a unique visual appeal, characterized by consistent and equally sized straight threads, obtained through an additional manufacturing process. Ironing and pressing play a significant role in enhancing the concentration of beneficial saffron components like safranal, crocin, and picrocrocin, leading to a more potent flavor and scent and elevated quality of saffron.

Ironed Super Negin saffron usually comes with a higher price tag compared to regular Super Negin or Negin saffron due to the added processing step. The superior grade of saffron is frequently recognized for its vibrant hue, robust taste, and potent scent, making it a highly coveted ingredient among professional cooks and culinary enthusiasts. This saffron product is especially ideal for dishes that demand a strong taste and scent of saffron, such as paella, risotto, and sauces and broths infused with saffron.

Ironed Super Negin 

This quality has according to ISO-Norm 3632-2
  • colouring, Crocin, of about 240 to 260
  • flavour, Safranal, of about 50
  • bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 95.
Super Negin Saffron Moisture

Super Negin Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. Because its filaments are dried and only needs it for fragrance so its moisture should be under 8.2%.

Super Negin Saffron Color

Its coloring is red and rich and power (ninety-nine percent is red). Its Color Strength is about 240 USP.

Ironed Super Negin Saffron Size

The Super Negin saffron threads that have been ironed usually possess consistent dimensions and form, appearing lengthy and straight. The dimensions of saffron strands may vary, depending on the origin and standard of the product, but, in general, they tend to be lengthier and thinner than other forms like Sargol or Pushal.

Typically measuring between 2 to 3 centimeters, the Super Negin saffron filaments that have undergone ironing are known for their exquisite fragility and finesse. Their elongated and streamlined shape makes them more convenient to handle and measure compared to other saffron cuts, which is why they are favored by both professional chefs and home cooks alike for their ease of use.

The elongated and slim strands of Ironed Super Negin saffron can pose a challenge in identifying authentic saffron from counterfeit or impure ones, as deceitful vendors may attempt to misrepresent substandard saffron varieties as Ironed Super Negin saffron. To ensure the authenticity of Ironed Super Negin saffron, it is crucial to acquire it from a trustworthy seller and to check for saffron threads having a richly red hue and a robust, unmistakable scent.

IronedSuper Negin Saffron Packing

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Features of Ironed Super Negin Packing

Small end-consumer packs – All red (Ironed Super Negin): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,9 gr

Bulk packs – All red (Ironed Super Negin): 10, 20, 25,250, 500, 1000 gr or 1bl

Ironed Super Negin Saffron Keeping Temperature

Before of packing, dried Super Negin saffron should keep in a cool place like reefer containers (25-30) and after of packing, dried Super Negin saffron should keep in a common place without high temperature and straight light.

Delivery time:
For bulk orders:

It takes 7 days to deliver it to the destination international airport.

For end-consumer package orders:

Our delivery time is approximately 20 working days.


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