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The term “Pushal” originating from the Persian language signifies the appearance of saffron threads belonging to the Pushal grade. The term “Pushal” is derived from the Persian language and signifies “bundle” or “braided”, denoting the manner in which the saffron strands are fastened to the yellow style, which connects the stigma to the rest of the flower.

In Pushal saffron, the saffron strands are grouped together and affixed to the style without any individual trimming or separation. As a consequence, lengthy threads may be formed which are entwined or intertwined, and these threads could potentially comprise certain portions of the stigma that are yellow or of a lighter hue.

Pushal saffron contains the stigma with an approximate 3-5 mm style. This kind of saffron has lower color strength respect to Sargol saffron. Some consumers prefer to purchase Iranian Pushal to be assured of saffron validity and authenticity. Its coloring power is about 220 USP.

It is produced at the early stages of harvesting season. This saffron grade is not cut like sargol and therefore contains more yellow parts from the style of the plant and higher floral waste. It contains 5% flower waste.

Pushal Saffron is in fact a grade of Iran Saffron, which has contained a certain amount of style and stigma. During the processing, amount of style along with stigma of Saffron threads have been cut and prepared to be dried. This grade of Saffron has yellow threads.

This quality has according to ISO standard 3632-2
  • colouring, Crocin, of about 225
  • flavour, Safranal, of about 50
  • bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 85.


Pushal Saffron Moisture

Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. Because its stigmas are dried and only needs it for fragrance so its moisture should be fewer than 7%.


Pushal Saffron Color

Saffron Pushal color is golden color. It’s red & yellow but its red color

Pushal Saffron Size

The Pushal saffron variety is distinguished by slender and elongated threads, measuring approximately 2-3 cm in length and 1-1.5 mm in width, making it the thinnest among the four grades. The saffron threads produced by Pushal are in an untrimmed state, hence they may have some yellow or white fragments in them; notwithstanding, they possess a rich red hue and an impressive amount of crocin.

Pushal Saffron Aroma

Pushal Saffron has a strong or excellent aroma.

Pushal Saffron Packing

Our company is always offering high quality products and most favorable service for our buyers, we take quality as important as service.

Features of Pushal saffron Packing:

Small end-consumer packs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,9 gr

Bulk packs : 10, 20, 25,250, 500, 1000 gr or 1bl

Pushal Saffron Keeping Methods

Temperature of refrigerator is the fit temperature for keeping stigmas at the time of separation up to drying operation. Fresh saffron should be dried for keeping it in a long period. But dried Pushal saffron shouldn’t have heat and high temperature environment because these factors can cause problems with the saffron. So best keeping place of saffron is in a cool place and keep away from light.

Pushal Saffron Keeping Temperature

Before of packing, dried Pushal saffron should keep in a cool place like reefer containers (25-30) and after of packing, dried Pushal saffron should keep in a common place without high temperature and straight light.

Delivery time:
For bulk orders:

It takes 7 days to deliver it to the destination international airport.

For end-consumer package orders:

Our delivery time is approximately 20 working days.


We’ll provide all necessary documents like a Health certificate, Phytosanitary and pest-control certificate, Certificate of Origin, Airway bill, Packing list, and commercial invoice.
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Persian Pushal saffron equivalent:

The Spanish saffron called Rio is quite comparable to Iranian Pushal saffron, having slightly longer and less uniform strands when compared to Coupe and Mancha. The Rio saffron is recognized for its delicate taste and scent.

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