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Who is PERSA Trading?

PERSA trading company is an international agri-food products supplier. The PERSA founder's families have a long reputed history as traders and farmers in the Middle East, especially Iran. PERSA started independently in 2018 as an international saffron supplier. Then, we have added dates, raw honey, and dried fruits and nuts to the products line. Being flexible, honest, professional, and creative are our values in business. We look forward to making a long relationship with you, and we know that you'll be surprised with our unexpectable services.

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Our Key Features

On Time Delivery
Wherever you are in the world, we do our best to deliver products to you according to the agreed time.
Product Warranty
All our products are of the promised quality and you will find out by ordering products from us.
Best Quality
Our main work is to directly deal with the farmers when gathering products from the fields thus we can ensure the best quality and price.

PERSA' Packaging

PERSA supplies products in bulk and package. Packages are prepared in different sizes, types, and materials for various cultures, tastes, and needs. PERSA cooperates with big scale customers to design their packaging based on their brand name, logo, pattern, address, or anything else according to their need.

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You can easily contact us via Email and WhatsApp number.
We make arrangements for your order items and the shipments.
We will send you according to the standard and agreed method.
We make sure that you receive unexpected satisfaction and that you will cooperate with us.
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Become a Representative

The most important key to sustainable international business is having a committed and reliable supplier who keeps his promises of quality and on-time delivery. PERSA Trading has suitable plans to support and develop a distribution network in every country for its business partners. PERSA invites all prominent companies and businessmen to collaborate. Maybe we are not the best, but we do our best to support our customers as our friends and treat you with complete honesty.

Seasonal Bonus
We'll consider a percentage of every season purchase amount as a reward.
Advertising Budget
We'll consider a percentage of the season purchase amount as a specific online advertising budget.
More Discounts
All of our exclusive representatives have the advantage of a discount on all of PERSA's products.

How does PERSA supply our value chain?

PERSA appreciates the farmers’ efforts to produce high-quality organic products, so we’re trying to give back their kindness and honest efforts by supporting their students in the villages. As an international supplier, PERSA donates a part of stationary and has a scholarship program for top students to attend university.

PERSA supports the farmers' families with different scholarship programs as an international supplier. We hope to make the world better, and no children have to work! We appreciate all buyers for creating the opportunity for the farmers in the middle east!

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