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Piarom Dates

Piarom dates are exclusively produced in Iran that well known as Maryam or Chocolate date. Since most of their sugar content is fructose, they are easily and quickly processed through body metabolism and can be used as an alternative sugar for people with diabetes. These dates' very favorable taste, good appearance, and other nutritional properties have turned many people into regular consumers.

What is the Piarom date?

The most marketable date available is the Piarom date! The world of dates offers a delightful variety, and among them, the Piarom date stands out as a crown jewel. The name “Piarom” translates to “victorious” in the ancient Persian language, a fitting title for this date’s superior qualities. Renowned for its exquisite taste and exceptional quality, Piarom (also known as Maryami) has captivated palates worldwide.

Both in terms of form and nature; A cartridge of energy that shot into the body. In terms of moisture, this date is something between Mazafati date and Zahedi date. It has dark brown wrinkled skin that is completely attached to its flesh. The palm of this date is propagated by grafting. After the fruiting of the tree in late winter and early spring, Piarom tree clusters should be pollinated.

Piarom Dates Features

Piarom dates are one of the most valuable dates in Iran from a commercial and economic point of view and have a very good international market. Every year, we export a large amount of these dates to many countries in the world. The Piarom date is very popular because of its thin skin attached to the fruit. It is classified as semi-moist or semi-dry. The burnt brown color and grooves on the skin make the appearance of the fruit more pleasant.

Piarom is high in sugar, but its type is fructose, which easily helps the body’s metabolism and is used in the body. You should wash Piarom dates well, like other dates, before consumption, and one of the features of this date is easy washing.

A History of Piarom Date Geography

Piarom date, Pyarom date or Maryami date is a name for a type of date, that is one of the most expensive in the market, it is of commercial type and first-class, and due to its good quality and marketability, it is considered a special date for export. It has been able to attract the attention of the world markets.

Due to the high tolerance of its palm against water and soil salinity, it has been cultivated in a large area of gardens in Haji Abad, Hormozgan. The villages of Sarchahan, Tezraj, Madanoiyeh, Shahdadi, Baraftab, Lower and Upper Dehestan, Neyzar, Dargah, Gahkam, Ganj, Dasht Seyedjozer, Jain, etc. in Haji Abad city are major production points of Piarom dates.

Piarom vs. Medjool:

Piarom and Medjool dates, though often compared, cater to different preferences. Piarom boasts a drier, chewier texture. Imagine a delightful fruit leather with a satisfying bite. This characteristic makes Piarom ideal for extended storage and global export. They hold their shape beautifully during transport, arriving at their destination fresh and ready to savor. On the other hand, Medjool dates are famed for their luxurious, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are the quintessential “jewel tone” date, with glossy skin and a rich, almost syrupy center.

Beyond texture, their taste profiles diverge. Piarom offers a subtle sweetness, with hints of caramel and toffee dancing on the palate. This nuance makes them a versatile ingredient, equally suited for enjoying on their own or incorporating into sweet and savory dishes. Medjool dates, on the other hand, pack a bolder punch of sweetness. Their flavor leans towards a rich, almost figgy taste, making them a decadent treat.

At Kian Zarrin Persa, we are passionate about sharing the magic of Piarom dates. We offer competitive Piarom dates wholesale prices and ensure exceptional quality. Buy Piarom dates directly from a leading Iranian supplier and experience the taste of luxury.

Piarom dates-

Properties and benefits of Piarom dates

Piarom dates are rich in sugars, proteins, and minerals, and have even higher nutritional value than their counterparts. In 100 grams of Piarom dates, there is 125 kcal, while there is 400 kcal of energy per 100 g of sugar, which means that the amount of energy from eating dates is much less than simple sugar, so it does not make people obese and overweight.

For example, in 100 grams of ordinary sugar, 99.9% of pure energy is generated, while in 100 grams of Piarom dates, there is about 30% sugar and the rest contains other substances; There is a significant amount of dietary fiber in Piarom dates, which is very suitable for digestive health and nutrition. In addition, there are carotenoids or colored substances in dates, which are prerequisites for the production of vitamin A and antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and cancer.

Vitamin C is another nutrient of Piarom, which contains 14 grams per 100 grams of dates. There is a significant amount of potassium in this fruit, which is necessary to prevent high blood pressure. In addition, dates contain a significant amount of magnesium, which is very useful for nerves and muscles.

One of the properties of Piarom date is being laxative. If you soak 6 to 7 dates in 3 glasses of boiling water and drink it warm in the morning and at night, you will clearly see the result.

The Art of Piarom Packaging:

Persa Trading, a leading exporter of Iranian dates, understands the importance of preserving Piarom’s perfection. We employ meticulous packaging techniques to ensure freshness throughout their journey from our Iranian groves to your doorstep.

Piarom dates planting and harvesting

Piarom palm clusters reproduce by pollination. An issue we see in most of the other date palms. Usually, pollination time is late winter and early spring, in March and April.

Piarom changes color in early August and turns yellow. At this time, it slightly gets out of the agile state and becomes sweeter. Then, at the beginning of September, the color of the dates turns brown and gradually turns into Rotab or moist.

moist Piarom dates are extremely delicious and palatable, and among other types of dates, they’re known as the best date or moist date. Of course, fewer dates (Khorma) are harvested in Rotab mode and they mostly allow the dates to lose a little moisture. At the end of September or the beginning of October, depending on the region or village where the dates were grown, they harvest the ripe dates.

Packaging, shipping, storage

Workers usually pack Piarom dates in large cartons, they do this traditionally in most producing cities, especially in the main source, Hajiabad city. This issue has caused us to not be able to properly pay tribute to the unique quality of this date for many sales and marketing activities.

In this regard, some companies have harvested, packed, and even picked Piarom dates according to global standards using advanced devices, and have introduced it in global markets. One of the main requirements for packing and storing Piarom dates is its storage conditions, which can have a significant impact on the sales quality of this product. It is better to store these dates in a cool environment away from moisture. Providing conditions for storage, then sorting and packing these dates is a big step in the direction of the durability and preservation of this valuable product as much as possible.

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Piarom dates
Piarom dates
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How to Buy Piarom Dates from Iran with Kian Zarrin Persa Ltd:

We make it easy for international buyers to Buy Piarom dates directly from the source. Here’s how you can benefit from our expertise:

  • Extensive Experience: We have a proven track record of exporting Piarom dates to various countries, ensuring smooth international transactions.
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  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive Piarom Dates wholesale prices, making it a cost-effective way to source this premium product.

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Piarom Dates Nutrition Fact:

NutrientAmountDaily Value (DV)
Calories300 kcal15%
Carbohydrates75 g25%
Dietary Fiber7 g28%
Sugars65 g(DV not established)
Protein2 g4%
Fat0.5 g1%
Saturated Fat0.1 g0.5%
Potassium650 mg14%
Magnesium60 mg14%
Vitamin B60.2 mg11%

Understanding Piarom Dates Wholesale Price: A Matter of Quality and Demand

Piarom dates are known to command a premium price compared to other Iranian dates. This can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the unique growing conditions in Jiroft, Iran, play a significant role. The harsh climate with limited rainfall leads to a lower yield of Piarom dates. This scarcity naturally drives the price upwards. Secondly, the meticulous quality control measures employed throughout the harvest and processing ensure only the finest Piarom dates reach the market. This commitment to excellence justifies the Piarom Dates price tag for discerning customers seeking a truly exceptional product.

While there might be more readily available Iranian date varieties at lower price points, Piarom dates offer a unique combination of exquisite taste, extended shelf life, and exceptional nutritional value. For those seeking a luxurious date experience and a taste of Persian perfection, Piarom dates are a worthwhile investment.

he Global Craze for Piarom Dates:

Their unique characteristics have fueled a passionate demand in various countries, each with its own reasons for appreciating this exquisite delicacy. Let’s explore the reasons behind Piarom’s international acclaim:

Malaysia: A Refined Palate for Piarom’s Nuance:

  • Flavor Profile: Malaysians appreciate Piarom’s distinct taste. The subtle sweetness with hints of caramel and toffee caters to their preference for a more nuanced date experience.
  • Culinary Versatility: Piarom’s drier texture makes it a versatile ingredient, prized for its ability to elevate both sweet and savory dishes. Malaysian cuisine thrives on innovation, and Piarom adds a touch of luxury to local delicacies.

Russia: Embracing Piarom’s Richness:

  • Extended Shelf Life: Russia’s vast geography with diverse climates necessitates dates that withstand longer storage and transportation. Piarom’s drier nature ensures it arrives fresh and ready to savor, even in remote regions.
  • Energy Boost: The high concentration of natural sugars in Piarom makes it a perfect snack for Russia’s active population. Athletes and busy professionals appreciate Piarom’s ability to provide a quick and sustained energy boost.

Europe: A Quest for Premium Quality:

  • Luxurious Experience: European consumers have a discerning taste for premium products. Piarom’s exceptional quality, from its unique flavor to its meticulous hand-selection, aligns perfectly with their expectations.
  • Health Benefits: Europe’s health-conscious population appreciates Piarom’s rich nutritional profile. The abundance of fiber, potassium, and other essential minerals makes Piarom a guilt-free indulgence.

India: A Sweet Preference with Practicality:

  • Balanced Sweetness: The subtle sweetness of Piarom caters to the Indian palate, which often enjoys a less intense sugary taste. Piarom strikes the perfect balance, offering a delightful treat without overpowering sweetness.
  • Value for Money: India, with its diverse economic landscape, appreciates the value proposition of Piarom. While offering exceptional quality, Piarom remains accessible compared to other premium date varieties.

Beyond Borders: The Global Appeal of Piarom Dates:

The demand for Piarom dates extends beyond these countries. From the health-conscious markets of North America to the gift-giving traditions of East Asia, Piarom’s unique qualities are gaining recognition worldwide.