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Hello, I’m considering importing 5 kg of saffron for my restaurant. Could you please provide pricing details, quality assurance, and shipping options? Thank you!


Greetings! I’m looking to import saffron for my spice business. Can you share information on bulk discounts, packaging options, and any certifications you offer?


Hi there! I’m planning to import saffron for distribution in my region. Can you tell me about your saffron’s origin, and purity, and if you offer sample batches for quality testing?


Good day! I’m inquiring about importing a substantial amount of saffron, for a new product line. What are the lead times, payment terms, and minimum order quantities?


Hello, I represent a spice distribution company looking to import a significant quantity of saffron, around 10 kg. Can you provide competitive pricing, bulk packaging options, and any special promotions for large orders?

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