Konj Saffron
It is the yellow or white parts of saffron threads that are separated from Red-colored threads. In fact, this part of the saffron thread cannot be defined as pure saffron. It does not contain the dye – crocin that gives food a rich golden color. It is mostly applied for medicinal usages or even when we only need the aroma.

After removing “Negin” from “Bunch saffron”, the root part of strands remain. This part is known as “Konj” or “Sefid” Saffron in Iran. “Konj” is known as style or white in Europe. “Konj” is not a kind of saffron types but is considered due to its beautiful color and appearance. Some people incorrectly think that “Konj” is more perfumed than the Sargol, Negin, or Pushal.

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