Exporting Iranian Date Palm

Dates are now famous worldwide and are used as a natural sweetener in smoothies, juices, nutrition bars, and baked products like cakes and muffins. You can eat dates with your cup of tea or coffee.

Most popular Iranian dates are Mazafati Dates, Piarom Dates, Zahidi Dates, Rabbi Dates, Kabkab Dates, Sayer Dates, and many others.

Package Types


Consumer Packs

We have various types of packaging for products; these packages are designed in a way that will protect your dates from damage and allow you to have unique artwork of a different culture in the market.

Matchbox Style

The inner part of this box has a strong structure, and the outer part is a sliding cover like a matchbox. Persa Trading uses this package for dry and semi-dry dates like Piarom, Zahedi, and Medjool in different sizes. Every dozen packs (12 packs) are put in a mother carton.

Matchbox date packs
rectangle date packs

Rectangle Plastic Container

The transparent polymer container shows the quality of the date on the shelf. Persa Trading uses this package type for all kinds of dates in different sizes. Every dozen packs (12 packs) are put in a mother carton.

Cylindrical Plastic Container

The transparent polymer container shows the quality of the date on the shelf. Persa Trading uses this package type for all kinds of dates in different sizes. Every dozen packs (12 packs) are put in a mother carton.

Cylindrical plastic date packs
rectangle baby carton dates box

Rectangle Rigid Box

This package type is standard packaging in many countries. This is a two-part box, including a lid and box. the dates are put into a plastic bag to keep safe and neat in the box. Persa Trading uses this package type for all kinds of dates in different sizes. Every dozen packs (12 packs) are put in a mother carton.

Private label packing

Persa Trading can supply dates with your private label in desired package types for Pre-orders before the harvest season. Contact the sales department to get more information.

Date fruit labeling
bulk dates

Bulk Packs

All dates bulk orders are put in cartons in different weights like 5, 7, and 10 kilograms. We put them on the pallets and arranged them into containers.

Dates Price Inquiry

(Pre-Orders are before harvesting season,10th August.)

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Persian Date Types

The area around the Persian Gulf has an ideal environment for all kinds of dates to be grown. Mazafati, Zahedi, Piarom, Kabkab, Sayer, Rabbi, Shahani, Kalute, and Medjool are the most well-known and most traded kinds of Iran dates.

Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are the exclusive products of Bam city of Iran. This type of date has a significant share of the market. Mazafati date is soft and juicy and has a favorable taste; it is used in various fresh cuisines.  The date is loaded with needed daily energy and is rich in vitamin B, iron, and phosphorous, and has a high amount of potassium and vitamin A.

Piarom Dates

Piarom dates are exclusively produced in Iran, known as Maryam or Chocolate dates. Since most of their sugar content is fructose, they are easily and quickly processed through body metabolism and can be used as an alternative sugar for people with diabetes. These dates’ very favorable taste, good appearance, and other nutritional properties have turned many people into regular consumers.

Zahedi Dates

Brilliant golden color, shiny and beautiful skin, delicious flavor, gentle sweetness, and a tart taste are the characteristics that all the dates-eaters worldwide know by them. It is known among all the date lovers. It has a good market for export due to the dryness of the fruit; it is easy to transport and transfer.

Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates are among the fleshiest dates in the world. It has a yellowish golden color in its fully mature stage; it is delicious and considered one of nature’s most pleasant sweet fruits. But due to the softness of the fruit’s fiber and its vulnerability to pressure, it needs special requirements.

Sayer Dates

Sayer date is called the Stamaran date too. Sayer dates are known as commercial dates and have the sweetest taste globally. Sayer dates are used in various food industries, including biscuits, beverages, cakes and sweets, juice, pickles, vinegar, dates-nectar, and alcohol and alcoholic drinks production.

Rabbi Dates

Rabbi date has a semi-dried fiber and therefore is pretty durable to preserve for a long time. It is used in various fresh cuisine and is very similar to the Piarom dates; Rabbi is luscious.

Why Persa Trading?

At Persa Trading, we try to let the world experience what organic food honestly tastes like; this is our mission. We are the heritor of 7,000 years of experience planting the Ancient Persian Empire dates.

We are an international company with farms and gardens in the middle east. We have connections and popularity among the farmers; also, we have our workshops to produce and pack products in bulk and packages.

Quality is an essential item for us; the quality control section and the laboratory test the quality of products before exporting.

Dates, saffron, honey, dried fruits, and pistachio are the main products of Persa Trading. Our vision is to expand our delicious products all over the world, and in this way, we’ll support our buyers and representatives as much as possible.

On Time Delivery

We are sensitive about the announced lead time. PERSA transport dates order in 20 or 40 ft containers through the sea. This is one of the most complicated ways, but we work with the best forwarders to do it fast and safely.

Product Warranty

It's possible to inspect your order at the origin port or even before loading by your agent, video call, or any method. We hopefully want to make you sure about the quality.

Best Quality

We honestly try to supply you with the best possible date fruits. The best way to get the best quality is by buying during the harvesting season. We can keep your order at our cold storage whenever you want.

About Persian Date fruits

Food nutrition

Dates are very nutritious, assimilative, and energy-producing. With the present uncertainty in the world food supply and the expected increase in demand, the date palm could be a good food source of high nutritional value. The date fruit is rich in nutrients, and due to its dietetic values, it has always been held in high esteem by people.

They are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, minerals, and vitamin B complex. They are about 70% carbohydrates (equal glucose and fructose) and contain calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

History of dates

The origin of palm trees goes back millions of years ago. About seven thousand years ago, men started cultivating palm trees. The tree was first grown in Middle Eastern countries like Iran, and then it slowly spread to other countries.

Archaeologists believe that palm tree gardens were created 7,000 years ago by Iranians. Date palms have been planted in the northern Persian Gulf since ancient times and before the Achaemenid dynasty.

Dates harvesting

Dates are picked by hand and dried under the sunlight. Each palm tree is about 50 to 70 feet long. The workman should climb the tree using a relatively strong rope to pick the fruits. Not many people can climb palm trees, and for this matter, one should be very well-trained. He then collects the cluster of dates and sends it down. This would go on and on until the harvesting was done. The date is grown organically, and there is no chemical in the harvest process.

Frequency Ask Questions

Q1: How do you transit the dates?

A1: We usually transport dates through the sea freight using a 40 feet container. The 40 feet refrigerated container is used soft (juicy) and semi-dry dates like Mazafati and Piarom dates, and the 40 feet non-refrigerated container is used dried dates like Zahedi dates.

Q2: How many are the minimum order quantities?

A2: The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 5 tons metrics. We can transit dried barberries up to 25 tons in a 40 feet container (FCL – Full Load Container).

Q3: Do you pack dates with our brand label?

A3: We can pack with your brand label if you order a 40 feet full load container.

Q4: What is the origin country of the dates?

A4: You can select the country of origin between Iran and the UAE.

Q5: What are the payment methods?

A5: We can accept payment methods like Wire Transfer, T/T payment, Cryptocurrency transfer like USDT, and Cash in USD, AED, and Euro currencies. For more information, please contact us.