high coloring power, authentic flavor, the very interesting aroma of saffron

Saffron is the star alternative to the most used food coloring, gives a yellow color, gives an authentic flavor, and a very interesting aroma.

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The price of food coloring against saffron is usually the circumstance that makes the consumer decide on the bad product versus the good, it is true that the “strong” saffron natural first quality costs more than the chemical laboratory, but it is not true that saffron is “expensive”, the amount that must be provided for each diner is 12 cents, if we think of good seafood paella, any of the ingredients added by diners costs more than the saffron necessary to have a good result, and the resulting quality is much higher than a paella containing chemical coloring.

Saffron is a natural organic colorant and unlike other plant colorants it is highly permanent and does not fade easily; in fact, it is mainly used because of its high coloring power. Saffron also contains a carotenoid pigment, crocin, which imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes and textiles. Therefore, it has many applications in water environments and its use in the food industry is quite economical.


There are over 150 distinct and unique saffron flavors and it is these unique flavors that make saffron the ‘King of Spices’.

Saffron has always been considered very valuable.  In fact, at one point it was even used as currency.  It forms part of the culinary culture of different regions in the world:

  • In India saffron is an important ingredient in many recipes of rice, sweets, and ice-creams.
  • In Saudi Arabia, a real Arabic coffee should have saffron and cardamom.
  • In the North of Italy, saffron is essential in the preparation of its famous Risotto.
  • In Sweden, it is a tradition to bake saffron bread on the day of St. Lucile.
  • In Spain saffron is an indispensable ingredient in such famous dishes as Paella.

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For the above reasons, there is a daily growing trend of using saffron in food technology and formulation of new saffron products such as saffron dessert powder, saffron crème caramel powder, saffron beverage powder, saffron cake mix, saffron cream powder, saffron batter powder, different semi-ready to use saffron soups and different saffron spice mixtures.

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For the taste of snacks and ice cream and so on

saffron icecream
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Saffron is derived from the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus).1 The flower’s three red stigmata are collected and dried before use as a spice or coloring agent. In the Middle East, particularly Iran, Turkey, and Syria, and in the Indian subcontinent, saffron is used in delicious sweets and ice creams. Unfortun­ately, this tradition has not spread to Europe, Japan, or the United States, where it is only used in rice preparations or sauces paired with fish and seafood dishes. By weight, saffron is the most expensive spice.

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